Introducing Key2ARTS Events

Key2ARTS event list is designed for community members to exchange events, classes, show receptions, and any information related to art. Anyone can post art events s/he knows about at her/his neighborhood for free during the beta test period. Any member can rate an event posting, comments it if the author allows, or flag it as improper.

For a successfully posted event, the location is marked on a map, and anyone can share the page with a few popular social media, such as FaceBook, twitter, google+, or mail the link to a friend:

You can also search events by type at your neighborhood,  using the event map:

How to post an event

To post an event, you must be a registered Key2ARTS Community member. You only need to fill a simple form with basic information about the event, such as title, time, venue, audience, event type, organizer, sponsor, a brief description, and some pictures if you have. You can post repeated events for up to one year. 



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